Colorista Pink is the new black

ColoristaPink is the new black
  • Client: L'Oréal

Colorista Pink is the new black - Challenge


How do you launch a new hair colouring product when you’re the first country to do it?

L’Oréal Colorista asked us to come up with an original, local content and media strategy to reach the target groups and get them to form a Colorista movement. Not an easy task, knowing that hair colouring is a big step for a lot of girls and women.


We devised a strategy to target specific profiles: Embracers (girls who adopt trends quickly) and Hesitators (girls who, well, hesitate to adopt trends).

First we gave Embracers inspirational content, colour content and a push to the Washout product. This paved the way for the  Hesitators: they got inspirational content, reassurance content and a push to the Spray product. All this happened in a six month period, from the winter – when we can all use a bit of colour – to the summer, the ideal season to go out and experiment with your hair colour.

During this half-year active community management inspired and educated on social.


Our approach worked.

The content triggered over 45k reactions and 27k comments. The Colorista movement was a fact.
Which made the sales explode: Colorista reached 4.9% Market Share Value, the best result ever for a hair color brand in its year of launch.

  • 93%

    of the target group was reached

  • 68%

    engaged with the content

  • 4.9pt

    of market share value


  • Community Management
  • Local Content Creation
  • Social Ads Management
  • Strategy

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