Lipikar Skin Stories

LipikarSkin Stories
  • Client: La Roche-Posay

Lipikar Skin Stories - Challenge


Nobody loves a dry, sensitive skin or eczema.

Everybody loves cream that makes those skin conditions go away.
Now, Lipikar was already a bestseller, but how do you keep it that way?


Skin Stories

how Lipikar enhances the life of two children who do what they love doing – swimming and playing football – without having to worry about their skin condition.

The fact it’s local and not international content gives the stories their authentic, emotional feel.


Our two hero movies definitely touched a lot and a lot of people.

Beautiful proof that our emotional storytelling did its job.

  • 800.000

    qualified people reached

  • 700.000


  • 0.01

    cost per view


  • Community Management
  • Local Content Creation
  • Social Ads Management
  • Strategy

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