Natural Stories It's only natural

Natural StoriesIt's only natural
  • Client: NaturNes

Natural Stories It's only natural - Challenge


Turn NATURNES BIO into a love brand in Belgium. While we still had to install the brand identity first.

Now. That. Is. Not. Easy.  So we had to come up with a communication strategy and a huge campaign, relying on the brand essence, existing international and local material, with the liberty of doing two shootings. Pfew. The challenges keep getting bigger and bigger at Be Connect.


We launched the campaign platform “It’s only natural”. Parents instinctively know how to take care of their baby. NaturNes empowers this. Because it’s nature that produces the purest baby organic ingredients, the same that go into the baby’s NaturNes diet. This way we leveraged the existing connection between organic and good parenting.

Creatively we followed our instincts too. We re-cut an international video, but we also launched our own content format “Natural Stories”. We devised a full content funnel, from Facebook carrousels to influencers and UGC. We did native, we did always on, we did samplings, we even did bedtime stories on Spotify. We did so much we wonder if there’s anything we didn’t do. Like working together with distributors of organic food boxes. Oh, wait, we did that too.


Following nature always pays off.

We reached 62.48% of the 21-34 yo target group. With a € 0.02 CPV on YouTube and a € 0.05 CPV on Spotify. Nice.

  • 4.2million

    People reached

  • 0.013

    CPV on social

  • 155.854clicks

    total clicks (display, native & social)


  • Local Content Creation
  • Social Ads Management
  • Strategy

Client: NaturNes Be Connect

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