Don’t Be That Guy Don't be that guy.

Don’t Be That GuyDon't be that guy.
  • Client: Nescafé

Don’t Be That Guy Don't be that guy. - Challenge


Improve the image of the instant coffee offered by Nescafé and, while we were at it, position Nescafé as the best quality/price solution for a company.

Important note: we are talking B2B here. And it’s about the perception of quality, which is always, always, always very difficult to change.


Remind the facility and purchase manager that he doesn’t want to be “that guy”. You know, the guy who buys terrible coffee, like Barry, the anti-hero of our campaign.

We shot three funny social videos with Barry, made static content and created a landing page. The whole funnel took place on LinkedIn. Who said B2B has to be boring?


Creativity that performs, it’s not just our baseline. We actually deliver on that promise. Just look at the following numbers.

  • 28.352views

    Video views

  • 13.967Clicks


  • 7.45%



  • Creation
  • Strategy

Client: Nescafé Be Connect

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