The Walking Dead season 8 <strong>The life of Rick</strong>

The Walking Dead season 8The life of Rick
  • Client: Be TV

The Walking Dead season 8 <strong>The life of Rick</strong> - Challenge


Be tv was going to show Season 8 of The Walking Dead, exclusively and at the same time as in the US.

That was big news. But the question “How do you communicate this in a creative enough way to entertain the fans of the show?” didn’t scare us. Oh, no.


Summarize seasons 1 to 7 in a witty 1 minute movie, starting with the point of view “If you think your life sucks, think about Rick’s.” Seriously, think about it.


The fans devoured The Walking Dead In 1 Minute movie.

And the engagment with it was – contrary to most characters in the show – pretty much alive.

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