We’re looking for a passionate, autonomous & organised Account Executive & Trafficker NL.

This role is a part-time Account Executive and a part-time Trafficker to take care of the planning management of the agency.

I. An Account Executive supports the Account Manager.

I am not at the bottom rung of the ladder. I play an important role in the relationship with the client. I offer peace of mind to the client and the agency. I am the person who ensures flawless deliveries of excellent quality.

He/she supports the Account Manager in his/her tasks:

  • coordinate various projects from briefing to delivery, including budget follow-up and planning.
  • Has an eye for detail: performs detailed checks of copy, design… before anything goes out.
  • Is critical of everything we deliver.
  • Takes a structured approach and is well organised.
  • Shows interest in clients and projects.
  • Keeps clients and the AM well informed about his or her work.
  • Is responsible for overcoming any difficulties and finding solutions during the project with the support of the AM.
  • Strives to support the AM as well as possible in the tasks assigned to him/her and to proactively take on some of the AM’s work.

Job description

Support for the Account Manager
An Account Executive takes on the following tasks under the AM’s supervision for a number of clearly defined projects:

Daily supervision and quality guarantee

  • Is responsible for the day-to-day follow-up of projects. Creates a clear project structure and acts accordingly.
  • Actively manages the project and reports any problems to the Account Manager in a timely manner.
  • Guarantees the perfect progress of the project and deliverables at the right quality level and according to the agreed Prophets procedures.
  • Ensures a faultless delivery and strives towards excellent quality from start to finish, even after the campaign/project launch.
  • Alerts the AD if internal and external processes require adjustments to service our clients even better and to improve the internal operations for the project’s optimal implementation.


  • Provides timely (verbal and written) briefings to everyone working on the project. Submits written briefings no later than the day before / verbal briefings no later than the morning of the scheduled day.
  • Always shares the context of the project with everyone working on it.

Planning and deadlines

  • Is responsible for planning (via the planner) and for meeting the deadlines.
  • Always gives the client a clear overview of the schedule: expected feedback times, deliverables, possible delays…

Control of finances

  • Is responsible for the project budget: draws up, adjusts and monitors the budget.
  • Is aware of the hours worked and costs vs. the planned budget and anticipates possible shortfalls (informs the AM).
  • Always informs the AM of any changes in the hours worked or costs.
  • Is responsible for the administration: creates budgets and costs in our CRM as soon as they are known.

People management and involvement

  • Motivates colleagues for projects and expresses a positive attitude. Generates project involvement.

Area of concern for Account Managers:

An Account Executive must always receive the context of the project (strategy, creation and KPIs). The Account Executive is not a mere conduit or someone who simply executes an imposed to-do list.

II. A Trafficker supports the Account team in the planning of the resources of the different department of the agency to ensure that every job request that comes into the agency flow through these departments smoothly and that the outputs are delivered on time.

There are several departments that must work together efficiently in order to fulfill the requests of the clients. Every job that comes into the agency must flow through these departments on time, and it is the trafficker’s responsibility to make sure that happens based on the requests, briefing and retro-planning of the Accounts.

This job implies the following tasks:

  • keep everything running smoothly, despite the constant changes and demands of the Account Team.
  • Ensure that every request coming from the account team is complete (Briefing, Retro-planning, Outputs, Tech Specifications, Visual Guidelines etc…).
  • Manage and do the puzzling of the different resources to optimize the planning.
  • Liaise with the responsible of each department to learn about the status of existing projects, and details about new projects coming into the agency.
  • Review current and future timelines and job statuses with the heads of department, and if necessary, the individuals working on the jobs.
  • Book the resources for new jobs, and assign those tasks using Jira trafficking system.
  • Reschedule projects based on new or changing priorities.
  • Report to management about the current workflow, and communicate any possible issues with too much, or too little, work coming into the agency.
  • Work with the accounting and production departments on invoicing, and possible additional costs due to rush fees, or unexpected deadlines.
  • Work with group resources, freelancers and temporary contractors, getting them up to speed on jobs they will assist with.


  • 2-3 years experiences – deep expertise in Social Media and Digital Marketing.
  • Excellent Dutch (speaking and writing), masters English and French.
  • Comfortable about building and maintain strong customer relationships.
  • Skilful project management.
  • Enthusiastic team-player. Curious and keen to grow & learn. Flexible and open to work in an agile environment. Hands-on.

Our Offer

  • A competitive salary pack in a fast growing entrepreneurial group (Intracto Group).
  • An opportunity to work on prestigious clients.
  • Unlimited coffee.
  • Start date: ASAP.
  • Location : Solaris Building, Chaussée de la Hulpe 120, 1000 Brussels.