Our values

Team Spirit.

The advantage of being a smaller agency is: there are no corners for people to hide in. There are no closed-off offices, no walls between departments. To be lean and mean the way we are, our people work together, share their knowledge and are open to each other’s opinion. It’s team spirit as it should be, but as it’s rarely found.


Google “respect” and you get 819.000.000 hits. Respect is important in our world. That’s why, at Be Connect, we are happy to see colleagues who respect each other’s opinions. They respect the values of the agency and their own values. And they respect each other’s work by always giving constructive feedback. Respect is so basic, you easily overlook it. But we never do.


Some say being bold means being reckless. But that’s not how we see it. Our boldness is about smelling potential and going for it, without hesitation. It’s about making ideas and strategies sharper. To exceed our clients’ expectations, but even more so our own. To go one step beyond requires courage. Luckily, we have buckets full of it.


Enthusiasm at Be Connect is a mythical creature that lives in everyone’s heart, born from a unicorn and a wolf: the uniwolf. It makes us all hungry for new challenges and keeps our mind super positive. It also tickles us to share our enthusiasm every single day. And to come up with imaginative comparisons for our values 😉