I. General

Our communication agency respects and protects the privacy of natural persons with whom it has contacts and complies with the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 entered into force on May 25, 2018 (The “GDPR”). This privacy policy explains how and for what purposes our firm collects and uses personal data and also informs about the process to be followed if a person wishes to (i) access personal data, (ii) correct them or (iii) delete them. 

II. Identity and contact details of the data controller

The data controller is   : BC Interactive – Be Connect, rue Jules Cockx 8-10 box 8 at 1160 Brussels ; company number : 0829.018.418 ; contact person : Olivier de Decker ; Tel :   +32(0)2.762.25.00  ;    Email :   olivier@be-connect.eu.

III. Data Protection Officer

No Data Protection Officer has been appointed, as the conditions of the GDPR provided for this purpose have not been met. 

IV. The data collected by the agency

The agency records the data of its customers,its partners, staff and suppliers. This recording takes place on the occasion of the start of a mission, the encoding of a bill, wire transfer orders, or of receiving e-mail or messages. 

The data usually includes the name, address, company or organization to which the person belongs, the phone number and / or the email address, the sex, the commonly used language, the function, the bank account, elements of a briefing, the IP of the person’s computer, or the equivalent. 

V. Access, correction and deletion of data

The firm strives to obtain the client’s consent. It is however of the opinion that both for the client and especially for other persons, consent is not required, and this, in accordance with Article 6, 1, b), c) and f ) of the RGPD. As stated in VI, the processing of this data is indeed necessary either for executing the contract with the customer or in compliance with legal requirements of the firm, or also for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the latter. 

Subject to the respect of professional secrecy, the necessity of the missions and the interest of our customers, any person can however at any time: 

  1. access personal data concerning that person, so as to check it ; 
  2. ask us to correct or update them ;  
  3. ask us to limit their treatment (to avoid the processing of sensitive health, genetic, biometric data)   ; 
  4. oppose the treatment ; 
  5. ask us to delete this personal data from our files. 

To do this, the person concerned can contact our agency by letter sent to the address indicated in point II supra. 

VI . Purpose of the treatment   : the purpose of collecting data and the use which is made of it by the firm – the duration of data retention – security 

With the view to fulfill the communication missions of our clients, the agency needs to collect some essential data.

For example, if the missions relates to a digital campaign on social networks, the agency will need to have access to the advertising accounts of the client.

Similarly, the accounting, social and tax obligations of the firm require us to collect and keep personal data   for example, the bank account of customers, suppliers, or the data of our staff. 

Personal data is intended only for our agency, and therefore will never be used for advertising purposes or transferred to third parties, except possibly for the purpose of processing or storage by subcontractors, always in our sole interest. Think about subcontractors like Microsoft (Outlook), our social secretariat (for our staff), or the suppliers of applications like Whatsapp, Dropbox or Wetransfer. Apart from these cases of processing and storage by third parties, which we of course cannot control, and whose privacy policies can be easily viewed on their website, we naturally have no intention of transferring data to a third country outside the European Economic Area. 

In any case, we do not sell our databases to third parties for their personal use. 

Personal data will not be kept for a period morethan is necessary for achieving purposes of the processing unless the data retention is legally imposed. 

Personal data are secured   : they are stored in the cloud via the application Dropbox; we manage the treatment and the access, but the general conditions imposed by the manager of that application also apply, and can be consulted on the internet. The data is accessible only to partners, associates and staff of the firm, all of whom have a personal access code, or to the maintenance company of the computer network and the one that maintains the licensed software. 

VII . User responsibility

Although the firm makes every effort to protect privacy, effective protection is of course only possible if the persons concerned are also taking steps to preserve their privacy. 

People are therefore required to: 

  • providecomplete,accurate,truthfuland non-misleading information;
  • transmit valid and usable contact information so that they canbecontactedwithin areasonabletimeand inareasonably confidentialmanner.

VIII. Information automatically inserted into yourhard drive (Cookie)

A “cookie” is a small file sent by an Internet server that registers on the hard disk ofthecomputeraccessing the server.It keeps track of the website visited and contains information about this visit.Our website is not interactive.It does not use cookies.

In any case, you can, on most Internet browsers, remove the cookies from your hard drive, block them, or request that you be notified before they are stored. To learn more about these features, see the instructions on your browser information screen. 

IX. Adaptations to this Privacy policy

Changes to this Privacy Policy are not to be excluded. We therefore ask to read it again from time to time to keep informed of these changes. After each change, the date on which this document was last updated will also change. It goes without saying that all new versions of the policy will always comply with applicable legislation. 

X. Complaints

Complaints that the firm would fail to solve may be transmitted to a control authority, as the Authority Data Protection in Belgium (rue de la Presse 35 1000 Brussels – tel: +32 (0)   ; fax: +32 (0)   ; www.autoriteprotectiondonnees.be) .